Mineral Rites – Fremantle Arts Centre

As part of the 2021 Perth Festival, I was included in a group exhibition at Fremantle Arts Centre (FAC) called A Forest of Hooks and Nails curated by Tom Freeman. I negotiated the use of a medium sized galley space – Gallery 3 – to create an installation called Mineral Rites (2021). The materials of the work consisted only of salt, lighting gel, audio, and acrylic paint to create an immersive walk-in diorama. Inspiration for the installation was based upon my 2016 experience of trekking on the ephemeral salt lake called Wilkinkarra / Lake Mackay, sitting in Pintupi Country, in the remote Western Desert (see 2016 for more information). At 3,494 km² it is the fourth largest lake in Australia and only fills after post-cyclonic rain events.

Above: Mineral Rites, Fremantle Arts Centre. Materials: salt, lighting gel, audio, acrylic paint. Dimensions: 437 x 890 x 539cm.

Above: Mineral Rites was used as the set for a music video for Felicity Groom.

Timestamp – Goolugatup Heathcote

Above: Explaining human exceptionalism to rocks (2021). Photo by Daniel Grant.

Above: Ordering geology to fit an ideology (2021)

Above: A day in the life of a Hadean Eon zircon crystal (2020). A time-lapse video, with 29 minutes of audio which documents my 24 hour durational performance, standing in from of the oldest rocks on Earth.

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