Jack Hills and Erawondoo Hill site-responsive field trips

The Jack Hills are comprised of a 90km belt of rocky hills and steep scarps, rising above an arid desert plan. Erawondoo Hill located in the central part of the belt is now famous for containing the oldest terrestrial material on Earth. Between May and June 2021, I held an exhibition called Timestamp at Goolugatup Heathcote Gallery in Perth. It was an artistic response to three field trips that I carried out in 2020.

I conducted a durational performance, in which I stood in front of quartz-pebble metaconglomerate rock. It was undertaken for the length of a single rotation of the earth (or 24-hours) and titled: A day in the life of a Hadean eon zircon crystal (2020-2021).

Above: Allegories of Subjugation (2020).

Above: Explaining humans the oldest rocks on Earth (2020).

Above: Allegories of subjugation and the laughable delusion that political and mining governance can bring ‘the environment’ under ‘their’ control (2020).

Above: Untitled photos of the oldest rocks on Earth. .

Above: Material tests. The solid objects are constructed from extracted geological drill chips, mixed with: plastic fragments, pollen and flower stamens, acrylic resin and concrete. 

Above: Examples from my sketch book.