The One Lake Two Names art project was a long-distance walk – across contested land – with the aim of getting to the remotest place in Australia. It was undertaken on an ephemeral lake called: ‘Wilkinkarra’ the Aboriginal name, or ‘Lake Mackay’ the colonialised name. The lake is the fourth largest in Australia at 3,494 km², and is in one of the country’s most inaccessible places.



Rob Kettels Never Nothing 2016 WP

Above: Installation of the project. The non-linear film, Never Nothing, was selected for Curtin Razor 2016 (best of Curtin University screen arts program), and showcased at Cygnet Theatre in Como, Perth.

Rob Kettels Cape Sublime WP

Above: Film still from Cape Sublime (2016), edited three channel video.

The Climb CAWA LRAbove: Film still from Cape Sublime (2016), edited three channel video.


Above: The Bad Painting series was influenced by a quote by Asger Jorn from The Situationist International, who said “In this exhibition I erect a monument in honour of bad painting. Personally, I like it better than good painting”.