I am an artist and PhD candidate based in Perth, Australia. My art practice aims to make visible select slippages and errors, in art and the natural sciences, which continue to influence the ways the environment is perceived in contemporary Western culture. Drawing from current continental philosophy and interdisciplinary discourse, I investigate the geological and contexts of scale that are beyond the human. I make sculpture, assemblage, audio-video, photography, painting and undertake durational performance in order to articulate my experience of Land. The methodology I engage involves journeys into geographically remote areas in Western Australia. Over the past two years I have; (1) collected and employed materials that are by-products from the mining industry; (2) examined the site which contains the oldest rocks on Earth. These materials and experiences provides an entry point to explore complex modes of history and ways of knowing. By proposing an alternate point of view, my artwork aims to question the established metaphors used in the imaginary of the geologic. In 2017, I received a Bachelor Degree in fine art (First Class Honours) from Curtin University, and in 2018, I received a Curtin University postgraduate research scholarship which I am currently undertaking.

Jack Hills LR

Rob Kettels ABIOTICA (2019) Paper Mountain view

Rob Kettels ABIOTICA 2019 Land LR

Desert Sentience Rob Kettels LR


Robert Kettels Mid West Curve LR

1 Strata_2018_LightingGels_SandTree_CurveLR


Above: Selected art practice images from 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016