Rob Kettels is an interdisciplinary artist in Perth, Australia, where he has embarked on a creative practice PhD at Curtin University. His current research is focused on two predominant but interconnected areas: failures and slippages in select neo-colonial ideologies and perception of the environment. Kettels visually articulates embodied experiences and multilayered cultural relations to land from the journeys he undertakes into geographically remote desert country in Western Australia. His practice includes ephemeral sculpture, assemblage, installation, audio-video and photography to reveal autobiographical, cultural or ecological issues. In 2017, Kettels received a Bachelor Degree in fine art (First Class Honours) from Curtin University, and is the recipient of a Curtin University postgraduate research scholarship.

Rob Kettels ABIOTICA (2019) Paper Mountain view

Rob Kettels ABIOTICA 2019 Land LR

Desert Sentience Rob Kettels LR

Robert Kettels Mid West Curve LR

1 Strata_2018_LightingGels_SandTree_CurveLR


Above: Selected art practice images from 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016