I am an artist and PhD candidate based in Perth, Australia. My art practice problematises the geological imaginary. The methodology I follow involves field trips into geographically remote areas in Western Australia. The narratives and materials I unearth on these journeys make their way into my artforms. I either: collect materials and objects before incorporating them into sculptural form; document a site-specific performance; represent an experience encountered on a field trip through installation art. I make works about my experience of the biogeosphere. In this way, I can address personal, local and global complexities of how the lithic is imagined and represented. Over the preceding three years I have made sculpture, assemblage, audio-video, photography, installation, painting and undertaken durational performance. In 2017, I received a Bachelor Degree in fine art (First Class Honours) from Curtin University, and in 2018, I received a Curtin University postgraduate research scholarship which I am currently undertaking.

Jack Hills LR

Rob Kettels ABIOTICA (2019) Paper Mountain view

Rob Kettels ABIOTICA 2019 Land LR

Desert Sentience Rob Kettels LR


Robert Kettels Mid West Curve LR

1 Strata_2018_LightingGels_SandTree_CurveLR


Above: Selected art practice images from 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016