Looking for Nature (2017), was an interactive installation. The audience activated interactive artworks through hidden pressure plates or motion sensor. Works such as Non-Romanticism (2017) – a working artificial waterfall – was triggered upon entering the installation space. Neon lights were activated in Great Sandy Desert – Surrounded (2017) by audience body movement and in Tibial plateau (2017) a layer of invisible ink was illuminated under a UV black light (see below for further details).

Kettels, Kitsch Sublime Generator, WP

Above: Looking for Nature (2017) installation. Click for installation walk through.

Tibial plateau (2017) is an oil on canvas, portraying glacial seracs and Mount Everest. The painting is based from an hand colour-tinted 35mm celluloid film-still remaining from the ill fated, 1924 Mallory and Irvine Mount Everest expedition. The Mallory and Irvine image and expedition was chosen as the quintasensual romantic gesture of heroic British exploration and Romantic ideology gone wrong.

Tibial Plateau Rob Kettels
Above: Tibial plateau (2017). Oil on canvas, potato starch, invisible ink 140cm x 80cm.

Other works in 2017